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We are designing, growing, and testing

better ways to use poor lands.


We believe in preserving the Earth. The world needs more agriculturally productive land, potable water generation, and environmental remediation.

Terraformers is a next generation agro startup on a mission to preserve the Earth by repairing poor lands and growing food for all. Our revolutionary integrated biological restoration systems has the potential to repair arid, saline, and chemically-affected lands at low cost.

At Terraformers, we believe in making food ubiquitous on a global scale by applying our custom, calibrated land remediation techniques to local, regional, and global environmental challenges.



If you have expertise in agro-ecology, ecological biology, earth systems science, remote sensing, systems integration, agronomy, mycology, soil science, fisheries science, genetics, social enterprise, sensors, aerospace or systems engineering, let’s talk.


We also believe in having fun and sharing our mission in creative ways. 

So we made a science fiction strategy game.

The game explores some exciting adventures and difficult challenges we will encounter when we begin terraforming planets and asteroids.