Information about Terraformers

How it works

How it works?


Membership is free for all. Why not sign-up to grow your own food on your lawn using edible landscaping for a greener Earth? Fill out your profile and find an expert edible landscaper. If you are an expert, then consider joining us. 

Enjoy Edible Vegetable Gardens

Why do you need to walk more than 30 ft from your kitchen for herbs and veggies when you want them? Let the Terraformers family of knowledgeable and experienced edible landscapers and master gardeners take the hassle out of creating a vegetable garden on your lawn or rooftop. Find someone near you to help grow your own food or maintain your vegetable garden, so you can enjoy fresh vegetables and fruits. Be a local super hero: increase your nutrition and reduce local hunger with the push of a button

Posting an Offering (Edible gardeners only)

Post an offering for your edible landscaping services that you can provide and other members will see it. Click the "Become a Terraformer" green button on the top right to begin our vetting process. You might want to share your post with your friends  - and fellow future terraformers! 

Terraformers' marketplace allows users to post offerings for building gardens and teaching classes, and there are a few things you can do to make your offering stand out. 

When it comes to posting an offering, pictures (especially before and after shots of previous work) and details are everything. Provide a detailed description of what you are offering and what kind of experience you have.

If you would like to provide several different services, that's fantastic - just be sure to post them as separate offerings in their appropriate categories. You can include a link in one post to other posts you've made so users viewing one offering can see the full extent of your services. If you have a YouTube video of your service, feel free to embed it in your post as well.

Our Fee

At Terraformers, we currently charge a fee of 5% on all transactions handled through the site in order to help keep the site up and running. If you have any questions about our fee or how it works, just ask.


Terraformers strives to cultivate a community of edible landscaping and garden professionals dedicated to helping other members. Members are encouraged to sign-up using their Facebook accounts so other members can put a face to who they're dealing with. And there is no need to create yet another account. 

Once a transaction is completed, share your experience with other members of Terraformers. This is part of how the community is built and other members depend upon your feedback, good or bad.  

We are dedicated to building a strong community here at Terraformers, and would love to hear your questions, ideas, or suggestions - so feel free to contact us. 

Be sure to share Terraformers with your friends and fellow future terraformers and to visit our Instagram and Twitter for helpful terraforming tips.