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We empower you to grow fresh food anywhere. That's right, grow fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables at home, and keep more money in your pocket, while you reduce local hunger - all with a push of a button. Our gardeners and edible landscapers are standing by to help. 

For home owners and restaurants: 

Terraformers are vegetable gardeners. On our market place, in 30 seconds, you are able to hire professional gardeners, who will grow your own food by building and maintaining a garden on your lawn or rooftop space. We facilitate donating your excess produce to local food banks. We are currently in the Northern California Bay Area and expanding into the Cleveland, Ohio and Tampa, Florida area. Ask for a free maintenance lesson to care for the vegetable garden yourself or pay for maintenance.  We know you're busy! We make it easy for you to improve your nutrition while feeding others. Talk about a local hero! 

For Professional Edible Landscapers and Gardeners:

Why list your services as professional edible gardener, who Consults, Designs, Installs, and/or Maintains vegetable gardens? Increase your client base, use our automatic scheduling and invoicing, and save on marketing and advertising. Receive a 1099 at year's end and stop carving out Tuesdays as administrative day. We know you'd prefer to be in the garden.

All edible gardeners still need to be a business and have a contractor's license. We vet gardeners through customers and renowned experts in the field.

*Harvesting and donation are done by non-profits (not gardeners) who pick up excess food to donate to food banks. We connect them to our customers with edible gardens to harvest for them and donate the excess to reduce local hunger. 

For general questions, feedback, and business-related inquiries, 

write Sophia & Andrew: info [at] 

We look forward to helping you grow your own food by building more vegetable gardens as we green more of the Earth together

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