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Terms of use

Terraformers Terms of Use 
The Terraformers marketplace is a social meeting place to exchange services. Please participate. Observing at the gym, never got anyone a better physique. If you find a gym where that happens, it would be really cruel to not tell us!

Apparently, we get to change the rules whenever we want. Ha! Power! If only. We care too much about preserving life on Earth, so that means we care about you. We'll share changes and make sure it suits you too.

Rights of Content

You own anything you share. Be considerate and kind. If you share unsavory or salty things, then we shall take them down. We will obviously display what you share to others. Share only what you wish to be displayed. Because you're now family, here's a free life-hack: There is no cloud. The cloud is just someone's computer.


You may not be fully developed everywhere, but we need you to act like a person with a fully developed brain on OK?

The Removal of a User

Be kind or we will have to remove you.